There Is at Least One Not-Evil Pedicab Driver

A police officer stands in Times Square in New York, August 12, 2012. New York City Police shot and killed a knife-wielding suspect as he weaved through Saturday afternoon traffic and pedestrians in New York's Times Square, authorities said. Police said Sunday they approached Darrius Kennedy, 51, while he was smoking what appeared to be marijuana. He became agitated and confronted the officers with a knife, a police spokesman said.
Photo: Andrew Burton /Reuters

Meet Laramie Flick, the volunteer president of the NYC Pedicab Owner’s Association, who resents being associated with the kind of drivers who charge $442.54 for a ride. Starting next week, pedicabs will be required to use a metered system, and Flick, who “has been challenged to fist fights” by other drivers over his fairness, will become just another guy lugging around tourists sans glory. We salute him.