Not All of Hasidic Brooklyn Hates Bikes

Sheryl Yvette rides a Citi Bike bicycle near Union Square from her home in Brooklyn  as the bike sharing system is launched May 27, 2013 in New York. About 330 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn will have thousands of bicycles for rent.
Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

The new bike-share program is tearing this city apart (or something), but the battle between Williamsburg Hasids and scantily clad women on two wheels has been raging for years, likely contributing to the lack of Citi Bike stations in the neighborhood. “The women come through on bikes, and they’re not dressed properly,” one local argued. “They’re more naked than clothed.” But he does not speak for everyone! DNAinfo alerts us today to the existence of Hasidim for Bikes, a group determined to get share stations added in south Williamsburg because “bikes keep us healthy, carry us from point A to point B, save us from high gas prices, and make our roads less congested.” Plus, “bikes fill our lives with adventure and excitement, relaxing our minds, and energizing our souls.” Good luck arguing with that.