Lhota Envisions a Park-and-Ride on Every Subway Line

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images2012 Getty Images

Joe Lhota used to be the chairman of the MTA, so one expects him to make sense when he's talking about the subways. But his latest idea doesn't, exactly: He wants to put park-and-ride lots or garages at the ends of each line to encourage people to ride rather than drive. "Look, if we were to build a subway system today, we would have built them with park-n-rides," Lhota said at a Republican candidates forum on transportation, per Capital New York. A Straphangers Campaign advocate pointed out those areas are generally full of neighborhoods now. "We can make room. There are more than enough places to do it," Lhota said. Well, perhaps it's not the least achievable subway project ever conceived.