Life in Ohio, a Continuing Series

Enemies of the state... of Ohio. Photo: Glazer, Eliot

Ohio woman calls in police officer to carry out a humane euthanization of a litter of kittens. Instead, he carries out a grisly, gangland-style slaying in front of her terrified young children:

Instead, he went to his truck and got a gun, which she thought was a tranquilizer gun, and walked around to the back of the house and approximately 15 feet from her back door shot and killed the 8- to 10-week-old kittens . . .

“She was very distraught when this happened. He started shooting them right in front of her. Her children were upstairs in view of the windows. They started screaming and crying because they heard the gunshots. They started screaming, ‘Mommy, he’s killing the kittens,’ ” Landon said.

The officer told them the kittens were "going to kitty heaven." Side note: There is no such place.