Don’t Panic, But There Might Be a Super-Hive of Bees in Brooklyn

Photo: Rouf Bhat/AFP/Getty Images

Bees are enough of a problem in this city that the NYPD last year promoted its resident bee expert, Anthony Planakis, to detective, and gave him a bunch of new bee-fighting equipment. And it’s a damn good thing they did, because Planakis is on the trail of what might be a super-hive in Brooklyn. He’s found two swarms in as many weeks in Borough Park, the most recent one consisting of 15,000 bees and weighing five pounds, DNAinfo reports. “There have to be at least two hives in the area to create these large swarms,” Planakis told the news service. “If there’s only one [hive] generating these swarms, that’s a pretty big hive.” Thank goodness we have “Tony Bees” to keep us safe.