Eliot Spitzer Will Not Vote for Anthony Weiner


Comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer, the one who resigned for having sex with prostitutes, cannot believe Anthony Weiner, the one who resigned for having cybersex with all sorts of women. "You don't go back at the very top," Spitzer said on Hardball this afternoon, distancing his own campaign from Weiner's troubled run. "I'm not trying to become the mayor or the governor again." And if a state employee was caught pulling a Carlos Danger, said Spitzer, he should be fired. It's this moral compass that will guide Spitzer's choice as a voter in the forthcoming election.

"If you had to vote for mayor right now, who would you vote for?" Matthews asked. Spitzer, understandably, stammered. "Show your different than most politicians!" bullied Matthews. Spitzer stammered some more. "You're not going to vote for Anthony Weiner, can you just say that right now? You don't think he should be mayor of New York," said Matthews.

"Fair point. That is correct," said Spitzer, defeated.

Rival comptroller candidate Scott Stringer's campaign pounced right away. "It's clear that Eliot thinks there are two standards – one for him, and one for everybody else," said Stringer's spokesperson. "His comments are the height of hypocrisy."

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