Errors Found in Spitzer Ad About His Mistakes


As Eliot Spitzer admitted that he “failed, big time” in a campaign ad this week, he made a few more mistakes. Someone decided that the New York Times subheadline “Instant Pushback by Wall St.” was more befitting of the Sheriff of Wall Street than the original “Instant Pushback by Wall St., Unions and Politicians,” so they hacked off the end. “We didn’t make up those words. We just wanted to focus on those words in this sequence. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Spitzer ad guru Jimmy Siegel tells Capitol Confidential. “It wasn’t in any way, shape or form in any way trying to mislead anybody. The words were there.” Earlier, the campaign apologized for using the image of a woman and her daughter without their knowledge, but it’s unclear why. The shot of the girl snuggling up to her mom is in the correct sequence, they just failed to note that it was filmed for a 2010 gubernatorial campaign ad in Oregon.