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crimes and misdemeanors

Greenwich Village 'Hippie' and Bomb Enthusiast Takes Plea Deal

Gliedman (l) and Greene (r).

In December police found a terrorist handbooks, two shotguns, knives, and the explosive HMTD in the Greenwich Village apartment Aaron Greene shared with girlfriend and fellow "well-to-do junkie" Morgan Gliedman. Greene was later accused of plotting to blow up the Washington Square Arch, though he told New York this was, "Bullshit! I loved that arch. I studied art. I never would have done anything to that arch or that park." Greene he faced a long list of charges that could have put him away for 25 years, but thanks to a deal with prosecutors he pleaded guilty to just one charge of attempted felony weapons possession on Tuesday, and will be sentenced to 7 years. Gliedman gave birth to their daughter, Melody Sunshine, in January and is still awaiting trial.