Osama Bin Laden Nearly Foiled by Speeding Ticket

"Hello, officer, would you like an autograph?" Photo: AFP/Getty Images

According to an official Pakistani government investigation into how, exactly, Osama bin Laden was able to hide inside the country for nine years, the Al Qaeda mastermind was once nearly caught after his car was pulled over for speeding:

While the groups' activities outside the house were described as being limited, Maryam did testify that, on one occasion, when they were visiting a nearby bazaar, their car, with Bin Laden inside, was stopped for speeding by a traffic policeman. Ibrahim, however, "quickly settled the matter", according to the report, and the world's most wanted man continued on his way.

It's not clear what "quickly settling the matter" entailed, but it was probably telling the cop, "Hey, sorry about that, but I've got bin Laden in the car," and the cop saying, "Oh, okay, good luck!"