It’s Raining Groceries in Fort Greene

Photo: Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The cyclist who infamously had a brick thrown at him from a pedestrian bridge in Fort Greene in 2011 nearly became a two-time victim of flying debris last week when someone apparently hurled a jar of mayonnaise at him just a block from the spot on Navy Street where the brick hit him. Stephen Arthur either has the world’s worst luck, or should find a new bike route home. The New York Daily News reports that “bottles of Hellmann’s mayo, Welch’s jelly, Kraft ranch dressing along with a box of Barilla spaghetti almost stuck him, too.” According to Gothamist’s version of the story, Arthur found the rest of the food products already splattered on the ground outside of 122 Ashland Place after the mayonnaise whizzed by his head. Either way, it’s just one more good reason to wear a helmet.