New York Times Refuses to Believe Joe Lieberman Is Really Gone

Sometimes I get together with my friends and form a "gang" to decide where we're going to go to dinner.

The paper of record has a hopeful story today about "stirring of compromise" in the Senate. And when you're writing about senators putting aside their differences to sit down in comity and compromise together for the good of this country we all love, you want to be talking to Joe Lieberman:

“With 51 votes, the majority party might just herd their people together to get whatever they want,” said Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, the onetime Democrat turned independent. “But there is another dynamic. It empowers small groups of people to affect the outcome.”

Mr. Lieberman, a veteran of the centrist groups that occasionally spring up to bridge the partisan gap, cautioned that it was difficult to predict what limiting the filibuster would do to the political landscape of the Senate.

Sounds like it's time for Lieberman to sit down with his fellow senators and start bridging some partisan gaps! Except ... Lieberman isn't a senator.

Seriously, you can look it up. Connecticut has two senators, and Lieberman isn't one of them. He works at a law firm now.