Anthony Weiner Dodges Parenting Question With Epic Pandering


Not exactly the Husband or Father of the Year at the moment, Anthony Weiner could use some image-softening. People like jokes, yeah? In an exclusive sit-down with the Staten Island Advance yesterday, Weiner told a joke:

When asked what he would tell his 18-month-old son, Jordan, about the scandal when he's old enough to understand, Weiner said, "First of all, the kid's going to grow up in Gracie Mansion. So I'm going to say, 'Kid, don't complain.'"

Confidence! Determination! A sense of humor! A flawed man with a thirst for power, he will not be derailed. But seriously, folks ...

Turning serious, he said, "I hope that what he sees is the value of what I'm trying to do here. I hope he sees that I was a good mayor. That the tolls were lower on Staten Island because his father was mayor."

Hear that, kid? All of those grainy photographs of your father's Carlos Danger are nothing compared to the quarters you'll save. There are therapists on Staten Island, right?