Bob Filner Is in No Hurry to Return to Work As Mayor of San Diego

Photo: Greg Bull

When San Diego Mayor Bob Filner finished his sexual harassment therapy ahead of schedule, he did not race back to City Hall to resume mayoring. Had he done so, he may have found it difficult to get into his office with the locks changed, something his chief of staff Lee Burdick said she did to protect him from potential snoops with keys. He also would have found a city council unanimously calling for his resignation and faced a group of protesters holding a "not welcome back" rally at City Hall. The rumor around that building is that Filner plans to leave office in exchange for avoiding criminal charges, the San Diego Union Tribune reports. In the meantime he "remained in self-imposed exile Monday," and let his attorneys from the law firm of (no joke) Payne & Fears, deflect press inquiries. Leadership!