Brooke Astor’s Son Is Out on Medical Parole

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Exactly two months after beginning his one- to three-year prison term, a parole board has set Anthony Marshall free. According to the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Brooke Astor’s son was granted parole and released Thursday afternoon from an undisclosed hospital. Marshall had been there since July, when he was found unfit to serve his time in prison for health reasons.

Just last month, Marshall “could not walk, stand, clean himself or dress himself, and had potentially life-threatening swallowing issues,” according to his lawyer Kenneth Warner, so it makes sense the board found him “suffering from debilitating and permanent, though not terminal, illness” in an interview on Wednesday. The commissioners added the 89-year-old’s illness “creates a reasonable probability that [he does] not present any danger to society.” For his part, Warner is “gratified by the parole board’s unanimous and compassionate decision.” And hopefully, Mrs. Astor is too, wherever she may be.