Cab Driver Loses License for Harassing Passenger With Terrible Pickup Lines

Photo: Dan Istitene/2012 Getty Images

Last November, cab driver Tashfeen Awan sexually harassed a female rider by asking her gross questions, including a take on Austin Powers's most famous come-on. "Am I making you uncomfortable, honey, or am I making you horny?" asked Awan during the journey from the Upper East Side to Midtown. The passenger says she repeatedly told him the answer was the former, though that didn't stop Awan from observing, "Oh honey, I bet you like to be on top. I bet you like to ride the horsey." The woman complained about the incident, and the cabbie later admitted that he made some of the comments, though he "failed to convince an administrative law judge the chatter was innocuous." "[We] moved quickly after the decision to revoke his license," Taxi & Limousine Commissioner Allan Fromberg told the New York Daily News.