Catsmidatidis Wants to Build New York a Bridge to Connecticut

Photo: Donald Bowers/Getty Images2013 Getty Images

It's been noted that John Catsimatidis is fond of throwing out off-beat proposals, from offering free pet food to people who adopt homeless animals to putting retired Central Park carriage horses in a zoo, but infrastructure is where his zaniness really shines. He told the Daily News editorial board Wednesday that one of his first acts as mayor would be borrowing as much as $25 billion to fund infrastructure projects. “We have all those trucks going across the George Washington Bridge, trying to get to the Cross-Bronx Expressway, trying to get to Connecticut eventually,” he says. “[We] could possibly build a separate bridge and a separate roadway straight to Connecticut.” Previously, he suggested building a monorail next to the Long Island Expressway, and surely New York City voters will be wild about another innovative idea that doesn't really affect their commute.