Things You Might See on the Subway: A Dead Shark [Updated]

Sad. (via bsanchez) Photo: bsanchz/Instagram

This (presumably dead, or maybe just incredibly drunk?) shark was spotted on the floor of a Queens-bound N train last night at around midnight, and a fun time was had by all (except the shark). "The train filled as we made our way to Astoria," says a Gothamist tipster, "every new passenger was getting excited about it." The subway is a weird place. 

So, why was this shark in the subway? Here are all of the possibilities we can think of, in decreasing order of likelihood:

  • It was left there by someone as some sort of art ... thing. 
  • It was left there by someone as some sort of marketing ... thing.
  • It was dumped there on purpose (On porpoise? Doesn't quite work, but we're trying, God damn it) by a guy who decided, mid-subway-ride, that he no longer desired to own a shark.
  • It was left there by someone accidentally, like many a $2 umbrella. 
  • A fifties-era Puerto Rican street gang was marking its territory.
  • It wasn't a shark — it was a small person wearing a shark suit.
  • It was just trying to get home to Astoria like everybody else. 

Update, 3:04 p.m.: Discovery Channel is denying that the dead subway shark is some kind of marketing thing for Shark Week

Shark Week is about conservation, so it deeply saddens us that someone would thing that this was funny or in any way connect to our celebration of sharks.