Weiner: Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Anthony Weiner may have inadvertently forced parents to explain to that sometimes daddies send pictures of their underwear to ladies who aren’t mommy, but he feels that’s no excuse for exposing kids to foul language. Jane Borock, a 35-year-old former constituent, confronted Weiner outside Barclays Center on Monday, screaming “You are disgusting!” At first Weiner took her f-bomb-laden rant in stride, but according to Politicker he got upset after she turned to the press and yelled, “And fuck you all for covering … ” Weiner objected, “You’ve got little kids here … just don’t curse.” That led to a shouting match, in which Borock said he had “no right to talk about little kids,” and Weiner snapped, “You’re putting on a show and we all appreciate it. But enough.” A homeless man interjected with a variety of dick jokes, and asked, “When you become mayor, will you still be on the Internet showing yourself?” The kids in the crowd didn’t learn much about the democratic process, but they got a memorable lesson on heckling.