107-Year-Old Dies in a Hail of Police Gunfire

Close up of a semi-automatic pistol
Photo: Stockdisc

The 107-year-old man who died in a shootout with police in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on Saturday continued to fire at them after they threw gas into the room where he was holed up, Reuters reports. Police came to the home where Monroe Isadore would later die following a report that he pointed a gun at two people there. He fired at police through a door, so they called for backup, including a SWAT team. “When negotiations failed, SWAT officers threw gas into the room. Isadore fired and officers entered the room. When Isadore shot at them again, the officers returned fire, killing Isadore, according to the reports confirmed by police.” All centenarians asked to share the secret to their longevity should remember to mention “not getting into a police shootout.”