Boehner Does Bad Obama Impression on House Floor


With a little over three hours to go before the government shutdown (according to multiple cable news countdown clocks), the House passed a bill that delays Obamacare’s individual mandate for a year. The Senate promptly stripped the health care language from the bill, but before the House vote Speaker John Boehner delivered a passionate explanation of why his party is preventing the government from functioning. “I talked to the president earlier tonight,” Boehner said, lowering his voice in a half-hearted attempt to impersonate the president (at about 2:03 below). “‘I’m not gonna negotiate. I’m not gonna negotiate. We’re not gonna do this.’ Well, I would say to the president, ‘This is not about me. This is not about Republicans here in Congress. It’s about fairness for the American people.’” New rule: If your presidential impersonation doesn’t meet the Bono-Clinton standard, do not attempt.