Shellie Zimmerman Will Not Stop Airing George Out

Photo: ABC News

The dirty-laundry press tour of Shellie Zimmerman continued apace today with yet another interview following the announcement that she's filing for divorce from the acquitted Trayvon Martin killer. "I have a selfish husband," Shellie told Good Morning America, taking the opportunity to really pile it on. "And I think George is all about George." The not-guilty verdict, she said, has him feeling "invincible" and "making some reckless decisions," like speeding and gun shopping. She's seeking custody of the couple's two dogs.

"I stood by my husband through everything and I kind of feel like he left me with a bunch of broken glass that I'm supposed to now assemble and make a life," she said. "I have been married to a person for about seven years and I don't think I ever really knew him at all."

George has yet to comment, but brother Robert tweeted, "Pray 4 them."