Single-ish Eliot Spitzer Went to a Nightclub for Avicii’s Album-Release Party

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Imagine losing your mind to "Levels" on the dancefloor of the Midtown "hot spot" Lavo and then looking over to see that bald guy who lost the Democrat primary for comptroller. Buzzkill, right? "Page Six" reports that Eliot Spitzer — whose marriage is a big question mark that everyone basically knows the answer to — was in the building for the release of EDM mega-star Avicii's new album, "shaking hands and posing for photos during the blowout party." Sounds like General Wesley Clark found a Tuesday night clubbing buddy.

And the people — the women — ate it up!

"A friend of many years invited Eliot to Lavo, so he went along, and some people asked for a photo, and he was happy to oblige," a spokesperson told the Post. "There is no comment on the speculation about his marriage." At the club, men typically use the non-binding phrase, We're on a break.