Stand-Up Judge Chooses Comedy Over Judging

Vince August / Facebook

Former New Jersey judge Vince A. Sicari faced a choice: keep his job as a judge or keep his job as a comedian under the stage name Vince August. He couldn’t do both, a court ruled. So on Thursday, Sicari did the only reasonable thing and gave up judging. After all, serving as a municipal judge in South Hackensack only paid him $13,000 a year, while comedy is going pretty well for him: He’s got a weekly gig at Caroline’s, works as a series regular on What Would You Do?, and serves as a warm-up comic on The Daily Show, according to his Twitter. The justices who ruled said the racist and homophobic characters he sometimes played might color people’s view of him on the bench, though Sicari said he kept his personae separate. Maybe he could instead pitch a show about a wisecracking judge? Never been done before.