Woman Survives Getting Pushed in Front of Metro North Train

Passengers wait as the Metro-North passenger train approaches the platform 21 December, 2005 at the Fordham Rd station in the Bronx borough of New York. Metro-North offered passengers in the Bronx, who normally use subways and buses, an alternative way to get into Manhattan during the transit strike. The city's nearly 34,000 subway and bus workers stayed out for a second day on Wednesday despite a court order fining their union one million dollars per day during the stoppage.
Photo: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images/Getty

A panhandler at the White Plains Metro North station apparently shoved a 21-year-old Hunter College student in front of an oncoming train when she refused to give him any money on Wednesday. She survived, amazingly, but she's pretty badly hurt. "The girl’s leg was mangled and witnesses said she even lost some fingers," the New York Daily News reported. A witness told the paper that according to cops the alleged pusher, Howard Mickins, "was so outraged when he begged the college student for money but was turned down, he shoved her into the train’s path." A vendor at the station told ABC Local that Mickins had been dropping by to panhandle about five times a week for the past six months or so. "Today he decided he was going to flip out and do something."