Zyklon B Jokes at Work Are Frowned Upon, Apparently

Mangia, a fun place to work. Photo: Courtesy of Vornado

A jury awarded a former employee of the midtown restaurant Mangia $900,000 in a harassment lawsuit, all because he was the butt of some jokes by his bosses and co-workers. That's it. Seriously. Lighten up, comedy police. We mean, how bad could these jokes possibly be?

They would call him a ‘dirty Jew,’ and when he would say, ‘But I took a bath,’ they would laugh and say, ‘No, you still smell like Jew,’” said his lawyer Matthew Blit.

Nightshift manager Artur Zbozien often “passed gas” in front of Wiercinski, and would then joke that the gas was Zyklon B, the poison used in Nazi gas chambers during the Holocaust, according to the Brooklyn federal court lawsuit ...

Other supervisors would dock Wiercinski’s tips, call him a “Jewish pederast,” and throw pennies at him, again making anti-Semitic jokes, the lawsuit said.

Aaaaand we're crying.