Banksy’s Latest Work Got Tagged on Video


The tagger who writes “Problem Child” did not wait until the street was clear before he scrawled over Banksy’s latest work, up in Queens. Nor did he mind the chorus of detractors gathered to watch him. He had a point to prove, according to Gothamist tipster Kevin Mazeski. “He kept saying about how this was his area. And the guy was pissed.” In the video Mazeski shared with Gothamist and Gawker, a small crowd chided the local talent: “Thousands of dollars you’re painting away. Thousands of dollars,” one woman complained, while another guy made fun of Problem Child’s “terrible penmanship.” But Problem Child cared not. And anyway, at least the destruction of this piece has a story behind it, unlike others.

Banksy's Woodside Piece Gets Dissed from Gothamist on Vimeo.