Fox & Friends Host Assumes Hispanic Co-Worker Is Taco Expert


Murphy's Law famously states that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." But many are unaware of the lesser-known corollary to Murphy's Law, known as Fox & Friends Law, which states that "anything that can be derped on Fox & Friends, will be derped." Consequently, from the moment it was decided to pair the hosts of Fox & Friends with Hispanic meteorologist Maria Molina for a segment on National Taco Day this morning, the derp was inevitable.

It was inevitable that Brian Kilmeade would ask Molina, "What are tips we need to know to do it correctly? You grew up on tacos, correct?"

It was inevitable that Steve Doocy would pause from stuffing his face to chide, "She did not grow — she's Colombian." 

It was inevitable that Molina would inform both hosts that she was Nicaraguan and tacos are not a Nicaraguan food. 

And it was inevitable that Elisabeth Hasselbeck would chime in, "But if you did — if you did grow up on tacos ..."

Such are the laws of the physical universe.