Catsimatidis Wins Giuliani’s Support, Two Months Too Late

Photo: Janette Pellegrini/2013 Getty Images

Some have suggested that Rudy Giuliani disappeared from New York's mayoral race in recent weeks because his backing helps in a Republican primary, but would drive away the mostly Democratic voters in a general election. The Post has another possible explanation: Giuliani has "endorsement remorse." Last night at the Federal Homeland Security Enforcement Foundation’s gala, the former mayor complimented John Catsimatidis for running an "honorable race," and explained that he campaigned for Joe Lhota because he's his friend and former deputy mayor, and "I had to be loyal to him." He noted that Ed Koch told voters after he lost, "You get what you deserve," and joked to Catsimatidis, "Maybe a few months from now, you’ll say the same thing." It's possible he was just being polite, but to be fair to the Post, that isn't really Giuliani's thing.