Joe Lhota Took His Gloves Off After the Debate

Photo: James Keivom-Pool/Getty Images/Getty

Joe Lhota spent much of the mayoral debate defending himself against attacks from Bill de Blasio, and when he did take swipes at his rival, they were not exactly knockout punches. "It's unbecoming, Bill," he said when he felt de Blasio was "lumping me in with national Republicans." But he sure got aggressive afterward, when talking to reporters, per Politicker:

"Bill de Blasio, all he wants to do is stay in Park Slope and never leave. It’s good to get his vision for the future, which I couldn’t hear tonight," he said, offering more fiery words than he had on stage. "It’s just amazing to me that he is your typical, classic political hack, who doesn’t know what to do when he’s in a debate and talking about issues."

Pretty strong stuff for a guy worried about what's "unbecoming."