The Plaza Suing Citi Bike for Being Ugly

 A general view of the exterior of the Plaza Hotel on November 2, 2011 in New York City.
Photo: Ben Hider/Getty Images

Both NYC and Citibank are named as defendants in a new lawsuit aiming to have the bike-share racks removed from in front of the iconic hotel. “The bicycle rack is not only an eyesore, stuck squarely in between two of the city’s most famous designated landmarks, but it came at the expense of a full lane of traffic,” the suit argues, presumably with its chief complaint listed first. The Citi Bike racks stuck “in between two of New York City’s iconic landmarks seems rather unnecessary when there are very viable other alternatives,” an attorney told the New York Post. If we know anything about how this city works, the Plaza should get its way promptly.

The horror: