Atlanta Newspaper Celebrates Lottery Winner Willie Lynch With Slavery Tweet


Georgia, ladies and gentleman. For historical reference, the Willie Lynch letter (now thought to be a hoax) was purported to be the work of a plantation owner who offered a "method for controlling your black slaves." Even if this tweet were somehow sent from 200 years ago, it's still offensive.

Update: The tweet has, predictably, been deleted. A spokesperson at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was unaware of the message and is now trying to figure out why it happened.

Updated II: The apology:

Update III: And finally, a statement from Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor Kevin Riley:

"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution sincerely regrets an earlier Twitter message that contained an inappropriate statement. We took immediate action to apologize via social media and on our website and will issue an apology in Thursday morning’s print edition. We do not condone such offensive messages and are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of error does not happen again.  Additionally, we are taking the appropriate disciplinary action with the individuals involved."