Andrew Cuomo Named Sexiest 55-Year-Old Man Over Viggo Mortensen

Oh, hello. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

This year, in addition to naming one random attractive man as its “Sexiest Man Alive,” People magazine created an entire list of sexiest men alive at every age (well, from 20 to 59, the age at which men stop being sexy, we guess). In a bit of an upset, Governor Andrew Cuomo took home the crown in the 55-year-old category, and though flattered, he implied that he didn’t exactly earn the honor. 


I think it’s about New York,” Cuomo said. “I think New York is sexy, and since I’m the New York governor, I think that’s how they got there.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and it’s possible that the editors of People really do consider Andrew Cuomo to be the sexiest 55-year-old man on the planet today. Then again Viggo Mortensen is also 55 years old so yeah it’s the New York thing.