Edward Snowden May Have a ‘Doomsday’ File

Photo: REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

Edward Snowden claims he didn’t bring a single NSA document into Russia, but as journalist Glenn Greenwald has hinted, he may have access to a trove of pilfered documents stored on a data cloud. British and U.S. intelligence officials tell Reuters they think he may have a “doomsday” cache containing highly classified material to ensure he won’t be arrested or physically harmed. He’s believed to have enough data to keep the bombshell reports coming for the next two years. It’s unclear if intelligence agencies know where the data is stored, but somehow they’re aware that at least three people have the passwords, which are only valid at certain times each day. According to Reuters, “One former senior U.S. official said that the Chinese and Russians have cryptographers skilled enough to open the cache if they find it.” Come on, “former senior U.S. official.” Don’t dare them to try it.