Giuliani Predicts Lhota Win Tuesday, or 2017


Rudy Giuliani endorsed Joe Lhota before he was actually running for mayor, and he’ll be by his former deputy mayor’s side to the very end – even if that means waiting another four years. While campaigning with Lhota on Monday, Giuliani said he “hopes” and “believes” he’ll beat de Blasio, but if Lhota is unable to overcome his 40 point deficit in the polls, it won’t be the end of the world. “If he wants to run in four more years, he should run in four more years. He’s a very good candidate,” said Giuliani, adding that there’s a “consolation prize.” “He’s a young man. He’s a man of a great talent. So if he wins, we’ll have a very great mayor,” he explained. “And if for some reason he loses, which can happen to any campaign, we’ll have somebody who can be a future leader of the city.” Judging from the latest Lhota ad, in four years New Yorkers will be fed up with de Blasio cackling as riot police try in vain to reclaim our streets from biker gangs.