Man Decapitated by Subway in the Bronx

Commuters wait on a platform as a train arrives at a subway station in New York, November 21, 2008. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authorithy (MTA) said that to plug a 1.2 billion USD budget gap next year, it must increase fare and toll revenues by 23 percent, which would raise an additional 670 USD million if the increase goes into effect in early June.

Well, this is absolutely horrifying: A man reportedly threw himself in front of a train at the above-ground Mount Eden subway stop in the Bronx this morning. According to the MTA and witnesses, he was likely decapitated, and his body fell onto the street below. “I’m scarred for life, I’m trying to not think about it but I can’t, it’s inevitable,” a woman who was on the 4 train in question at the time tweeted. What a nightmare.

I was paralyzed when I saw his body parts,” she added.