Mary Cheney’s Jabs at Sister Get Harder to Spot

01 Sep 2004, New York City, New York State, USA --- Mary Cheney (C), daugther of Vice President Dick Cheney, and partner are seen during the Republican National Convention. Mary Cheney's sister, Liz Cheney Perry, is seen at left. Photo: Rick Friedman/ Corbis

The Cheney family's recent feud over same-sex marriage has been shockingly public, but now Mary Cheney has taken a more stealthy route. "Freedom means freedom for everyone," Mary said in an e-mail Tuesday supporting the effort to prevent Indiana from passing a constitutional ban on gay marriage. "For me, that’s not just another saying. It’s who I am — the core of what I believe. No one should be denied the fundamental liberties we all deserve." Seems like a pretty standard line about marriage equality, but "freedom means freedom for everybody" is actually something her sister Liz (and father) used to say back when that stance wouldn't cost anyone a Senate seat.