The New York Daily News Seems Pretty Worried About This De Blasio Thing

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

In keeping with this year's New York newspaper trend of tepid endorsements, the New York Daily News technically supported Bill de Blasio's mayoral campaign in a piece published today. However, the paper's editorial board noted that it did so "with worrying reservations and strong prescriptions for the candidate." Those recommendations include "[trading] ideology for pragmatism starting on day one," "[acting] on the tough issues that he smiled past," and "[rethinking] ill-considered stances." Basically, they’d really like it if the liberal late-riser from Brooklyn were less like himself and more like someone with the "dynamism to extend Ray Kelly’s record of anti-crime strategizing." At one time, that might have been Joe Lhota, but since it’s not looking good for the Bronx-born Republican rival, they’ll deign to go with de Blasio, alright? Now, kindly move that gun away.