New York Post: Criminals Will Set Bill de Blasio’s Crime Agenda, Basically

Photo: Andrew Burton/2013 Getty Images

Is Bill de Blasio's lawless dystopia already here? Pretty much, says the New York Post. The right-leaning paper reached new heights of fear-mongering this morning with a story called "De Blasio gets policing advice — from ex-cons," which covered a Thursday event where "50 ex-cons, junkies and chronic vagrants" met with Talking Transition, the George Soros–funded effort engage all kinds of New Yorkers in a conversation about the city's future. The Post reports that the "panel of crooks and deadbeats" made a range of outrageous suggestions, including "ending stop and frisk," discouraging the police from treating ex-convicts as though they are still active criminals, and devoting more of the prison system's budget to "those who want to change while they are incarcerated."

"After 12 years of Bloomberg, it’s time for a change," said an attendee who probably intends to break into your apartment as soon as De Blasio gives him the go-ahead. Unfortunately, the mayor-elect was unable to officially confirm his "get-soft-on-crime" agenda during the brainstorming session, since he wasn't actually there — a detail the Post neglects to mention until the last line of its piece. But don't worry: "He will be brought up to speed by reps from the organization, who partnered with the The Fortune Society, which helps prisoners transition into the real world after release." In a few months, Gracie Mansion will just be another stash house.