Republicans Not Hopping Aboard the ‘Rick Perry for President’ Train, for Some Reason

19 Jan 2012, North Charleston, South Carolina, USA --- epa03067569 Texas Governor and US Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry (C) with his wife Anita (R) and his son Griffin announces that he is pulling out of the Republican presidential race at a press conference in North Charleston, South Carolina, USA, 19 January 2012. Perry endorsed Newt Gingrich. The South Carolina Republican presidential primary is 21 January 2012. EPA/ERIK S. LESSER --- Image by © ERIK S. LESSER/epa/Corbis Photo: ERIK S. LESSER/Corbis

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is accelerating efforts to explore another bid for the presidency," the Hill reports today. "But few Republicans, including some past supporters, are excited at the prospect of him launching a second White House campaign." Also, nobody wants to take a spin on the refurbished Hindenburg.