This Weather Is Already a Thanksgiving Buzzkill

The crowd in Penn Station, via <a href="">thematthewkeys</a>.
Last year looked about the same, via thematthewkeys. Photo: thematthewkeys/Instagram

The travel horror started a day early at Penn Station, where a disabled Amtrak train caused delays across the board, leaving travelers to languish in the underground maze indefinitely as updates on the delays were apparently slow in coming. “Some explaining would be nice … we don’t know anything,” one woman told CBS New York. The bad weather caused delays on the Long Island Railroad, and Metro North experienced a signal problem, so commutes are pretty screwed in all directions. This all comes one year almost to the day after Penn suspended service last Thanksgiving eve. In other buzzkilling holiday news, the high winds predicted for Thursday may ground the biggest balloons of the Macy’s Day Parade. Basically, it looks like a solitary microwaved cranberry-sauce burrito is in many of our futures.