Biden Will Answer Any Immigration Question (From People Approved by the White House)

Photo: SAUL LOEB/2012 AFP

In a YouTube video soliciting questions from the public, Skype billed Joe Biden's online chat about immigration reform as a chance to "talk directly to the White House." However, Politico reports that the only people who got to talk with the VP on Wednesday were those already active in the immigration debate, who were recruited by Skype and vetted by the White House. (Bonus Bidenism: He told a guy who noted, correctly, that the Super Bowl will be in New Jersey, "maybe not this year.") The administration said it was only concerned about one person who is a Capitol Hill staffer, and Biden didn't see any questions in advance. Still, the White House may want to call it a year and start trying to fight those Orwellian accusations in 2014.