Real El Bloombito to Haters: ‘Get a Life’

Dreams of Bermuda. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Michael Bloomberg is firmly in the "IDGAF" phase of his mayoral farewell tour, announcing on the radio today — following criticism that he continued his round of golf during last weekend's Metro-North crash — that he's going to play sooo much golf when he's done with this thankless job. Radio host John Gambling, in one of his last candid free-form chats with the mayor, joked that Bloomberg's "biggest disappointments are his golf game and his Spanish." To which Bloomberg replied, "I know my Spanish is going to be better, and my golf swing is going to be better."

"And these people that make fun of me, you know, what do I care?" said the billionaire, who explained recently that he's gearing up for his "first vacation in twelve years, to Hawaii and New Zealand, to play golf." Today, he added, to the haters, "You know, you wonder, why don't they just get a life?"

@ElBloombito, which still exists, concurs:

Okay, fine. We're really going to miss this stuff.