Coed Naked Yoga Is Coming to Chelsea

Not naked yoga. Photo: Portokalis / Shutterstock

New York’s unclothed yoga scene is no longer just for dudes. Chelsea’s Le Male Yoga — which, as the name suggests, previously specialized in naked yoga for men — is now Bold & Naked Yoga, a studio that also provides all-female nude classes, as well as some for “co-ed groups and seniors.” (For now, the 55-and-up offering is all male, though we suppose there’s nothing stopping more mature women from attending one of the new mixed courses.) Joschi Schwarz told DNAinfo that the no-guys-allowed sessions will involve “a little more in emotional psychologies, to really help women to feel good about themselves.”

As for the coed sessions? Those seem to be just for fun — but don’t get too excited, straight people: “If you are looking for an orgasm, you are in the wrong place,” declares the Bold & Naked website. Schwarz explained, “I know sexuality is always in peoples’ minds and I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t know that yoga has nothing to do with sex at all.” It’s actually about “sensuality.” “When you get rid of the clothes, you get rid of the labels — and that’s a beautiful thing,” Schwarz said. So this probably means that new students should leave their cheesy “Coed Naked Yoga” T-shirts at home.