East Village Hells Angels Turf War Goes to Court

Photo: Paul Hawthorne/Getty

The  sometimes-bloody power struggles between members of the biker gang depicted in the show Sons of Anarchy may derive vaguely from real life, but as a New York Post story shows, the power struggles within a real biker gang don’t necessarily play out violently. In the case of the Hells Angels clubhouse in the East Village, the gang is going to court to wrest control of its clubhouse from the ex-wife and daughter of its late president, Sandy Alexander, who named himself and his family rent-free tenants in 1983, in an agreement that says his heirs “shall receive half of the proceeds” if the building ever sells. That was a very different East Village, and the ten-unit building is worth considerably more now —worth clearing the matter up in court, just in case they decide to cash in.