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The Last Ten Seconds of Last Night’s Knicks Game Were Horrific in So Many Ways

After charging back from a fifteen-point deficit, the Knicks managed to pull ahead by one point over the Wizards with 24 seconds to play last night. The Wizards had the ball after a time-out. Then the following things happened. 

10 seconds: Bradley Beal of the Wizards drives right past Beno Udrih of the Knicks. Udrih is supposed to foul, as the Knicks have a foul to give. But he doesn't. 

7 seconds: None of the other Knicks come over to help. Beal casually lays the ball in for the lead. ("There was absolutely nobody there," Beal said later in astonishment.)

6.9 seconds: Udrih in-bounds the ball to Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks have three time-outs. Nobody calls a time-out. 

6 seconds through 3.5 seconds: Anthony strolls down the court as the seconds tick off the clock, probably expecting Mike Woodson to call that time-out any moment now. 

3.5 seconds: Anthony realizes that a time-out is not forthcoming. He sprints downcourt with the ball. 

2 seconds: Anthony chucks up a desperate three-point shot, which misses badly. The Knicks lose. 

After the game: "I probably should have taken a time-out there at the end,” said current Knicks coach Mike Woodson. "So that's on me ... It happened so fast." Mike Woodson has been an NBA coach for eighteen years.