It’s the New Year Somewhere

Photo: Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

While you slog through another Tuesday morning, New Year's celebrations have begun around the world, where, because of some magical time-continuum sorcery, it's already January 1. People are definitely drunk and probably making out in New Zealand and Australia. Meanwhile, in the States, your coffee is probably lukewarm.

In Sydney, the Opera House served as a launching pad for fireworks for the first time in more than ten years:

New Year's Eve fireworks erupt over Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge (R) and the Opera House on January 1, 2014. Tonnes of explosives lit up Australia's biggest city, with fireworks shooting off the Opera House for the first time in more than 10 years as part of the extravaganza, focused on the Harbour Bridge. AFP PHOTO/Greg WOOD        (Photo credit should read GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)
Photo: GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images

But Dubai plans to one-up everyone:

Organizers say they will also create a burst of light out of fireworks to imitate a sunrise and dazzle spectators with a United Arab Emirates flag that could also break records for being the largest ever made out of fireworks.

The 6-minute extravaganza will include 500,000 fireworks from 400 firing locations, all synchronized by 100 computers from stations across the city, said Barrett Wissman, co-chairman of IMG Artists that is managing the event. Guinness World Record officials will be on hand to measure the scale of the event.

Times Square is hosting a ball or something, so bring your warmest dancing shoes — it'll be about 20 degrees. We hear Applebee's is going to be awesome. If all else fails, there’s always Duck Dynasty on Fox News.