Newsweek Intends to Print Magazines After All


If things go as planned for Newsweek, the magazine’s absence as a print publication will have lasted just more than one year before it returns to newsstands. Editor Jim Impoco, who recently took over the publication (well after Tina Brown’s departure and the announcement that Newsweek would go all-digital), told the New York Times the new print model would look to readers over ads for its income. “It’s going to be a more subscription-based model, closer to what The Economist is compared to what Time magazine is,” Impoco told the Times’ Christine Haughney. “We see it as a premium product, a boutique product.” The new weekly magazine will run to 64 pages and will start printing in January or February, aiming for a circulation of 100,00 its first year, Impoco told Haughney. So does this make the final issue with the hashtag the most elaborate media hoax yet?