Ray Kelly Will Take a Small Army With Him to Civilian Life

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, whose time as one of the most important people in New York City is waning, will get to ease into his new existence, like a goldfish in a bag getting used to its new bowl's water temperature. Kelly’s transition team, though, will cost taxpayers about $1.5 million a year in the form of a ten-man security detail, including a lieutenant, three sergeants, and six detectives. The protection squad Kelly originally requested was six detectives strong, but the NYPD's Intelligence Division didn’t feel that was sufficient, DNA Info reports.

The special team will be charged with protecting Kelly, who says he is the target of threats after twelve years as top cop, and his family, 24 hours a day, in New York City and beyond. The assignment, which requires approval from City Hall and the next commissioner, will be reassessed after six months.

Kelly would become only the second NYPD commissioner to take a taxpayer-funded security detail, joining Howard Safir, who took twelve guys with him. Bernie Kerik at least had the decency to let Rudy Giuliani’s company pay for his.