Beware Incredibly Clumsy Fake Super Bowl Tickets

Photo: Shutterstock

Having a local Super Bowl means local scammers get to try their hands at making counterfeit tickets, clumsy as those hands may be. The Queens District Attorney’s office announced on Tuesday that it had arrested two such alleged scammers who were pretty damned clumsy. The men went to Kinkos on 78th Street in Manhattan, which seems like a rookie move to start with. And then there are the copies themselves, per the Queens D.A. press release: “The printing on the tickets, however, was allegedly washed out, there was a misprint on the back, the cutting of the tickets was not properly aligned, and various security features were missing.” Every year about this time we get articles warning us of scams. But it’s kind of hard to sympathize with anybody dumb enough to be fooled by these pieces of junk.