Chris Christie Enemy Loretta Weinberg Just Honored to Be on the List

Photo: Spencer Platt/2014 Getty Images

The George Washington Bridge debacle orchestrated by Chris Christie's aides was definitely aimed at someone in Fort Lee, New Jersey — the documents point toward Mayor Mark Sokolich — but State Senator Loretta Weinberg wouldn't rule herself out just yet. "There are lots of theories, lots of conjecture," said the 78-year-old, the subject of Rachel Maddow's alternate take, in a phone call with Daily Intelligencer today. "It's just kind of amusing. It's almost become a badge of honor to get on the 'Chris Christie Wants to Get You' list."

"We have all these mayors coming out now and saying, 'He asked me to endorse him and then he did A, B, C, and D ... ," said Weinberg, who will lead one of two investigative panels charged with probing the traffic jam and getting a definitive answer.

"This involves the abuse of power, risks to public safety, harm to interstate commerce and a possible cover-up," Weinberg explained to The Wall Street Journal. "We need to combine the resources of both houses of the Legislature to get to the full truth."

"Until we find out who gave Bridget Kelly [Christie's since-resigned deputy chief of staff] the order — everybody knows she didn’t do this on her own — we will continue," Weinberg told Intelligencer. "You know what amazes me more than anything else?" she continued. "Whoever these frat boys were who executed this to begin with — they weren't even good at the cover-up!"

As for Governor Christie, "He can say two things: He knew and he has been less than truthful, or he refused to find out for months, which is as bad an indictment as not telling the truth."